Celtic Reviews

Posted Wed, 04/25/12

I received some very nice reviews about Celtic Remnants today:

"The writing in Celtic Remnants is flawless...the plot flows smoothly and the hook is deep. High stars!" - Jane Brey, author of The Milche Bride.

"Celtic Remnants is a very full account of Irish life at a crucial point in history...The beginning of 'The Troubles' in the lives of ordinary people, which I fear one day may return." - Strachan Gordon, author of A Buccaneer.

"Celtic Remnants opens very well. The sounds, smells and view come to life with realistic feel and good pace. I also like the story itself - it is different and real. Good work!" - Shelby Z, author of Driving Winds (#1, Raven Tigress Trilogy).

I'm accustomed to taking the good with the bad, but "good" is definitely much better.


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