Celtic Button

Posted Fri, 04/19/13

The new graphic button I just created for Celtic Remnants:

New graphic button for "Celtic Remnants." Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

The soldier/flag imagery is based on a photograph from archives on the Irish Republican News web site.

Please don't confuse recent terrorist activity with the Irish rebellion. The nut jobs currently unleashing mayhem amongst Americans with bombings and other violence have no relation to the once-dire situation in Northern Ireland.

Innocent Irish civilians were gunned down at random by British soldiers at one time, merely because of their Catholicism and preference for an Irish free state (much like the poor sods in Syria who are fighting back against an oppressive and murderous regime). The brutality to which the Irish were subjected by the British, merely for being Irish, was without merit and therefore received retaliatory response.

I don't condone violence, and would like to remind those ready to criticize the rather militant graphic button that Celtic Remnants is a work of fiction based on historical events.

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