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Posted Sun, 04/07/13

I've been collecting writing-related links for years, adding the ones I find to be most helpful to the Links page on my web site (see sub-category Links for Writers). I don't set out on any given day to search for author resources. Frankly, I don't have time. Instead, I inadvertently find them through various Linked-In forum posts, Shelf Awareness articles, author blogs, or other related commentary in writing magazines which I happen to read on a sporadic basis.

I'm particularly drawn to resources that don't cost the author a dime. Like it or not, most authors - published or not - are responsible for their own advertising and marketing strategies. It can get very expensive very fast.

Rather than replicate my entire Links page in a blog post, here are a few useful author and writing-related links I've recently come across:

  • Agent Query - online database of reputable literary agents (free).

  • Book Cover Lovers - submit your book covers and links to purchase information (free).

  • Calibre - (e-book conversion software) converts text and a large number of other files into major e-book formats (free). Speaking from experience, I can say this software is very easy to use as well.

  • Daily Writing Tips - it never hurts to learn more, no matter how long you've been writing (free).

  • Digital Book World - keep current on e-book news and trends (free).

  • Novelnook - sell your books with blurbs and cover art; set your own prices and collect the royalties (free). Note: Novelnook offers books in Kindle (MOBI) and Nook (EPUB) formats as long as you upload the specific files.

  • Preditors & Editors - guide to publishers and info for serious writers since 1997 (free).

  • Scribd - post work for others to read, including complete books or excerpts (free).

  • Shelf Awareness - my favorite resource, usually enjoyed with my first cup of coffee; full of book industry news and info for writers (free).

  • Writer Beware - keep up on the current scams perpetuated against unsuspecting authors (free).

  • Writer Beware Blog - check out recent scams and news (free).

That's just the cream of the crop from my Links page. To see more, click here and go to the sub-category Links for Writers.

If you know of a useful link I can add, contact me here or leave a short message on my Facebook page.

Good luck!

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