QC Cover Hint

Posted Tue, 04/05/11

I've received word that Quixotic Crossings will be released the last week of May, which I'm assuming comes around the 27th. The book is part two of the Collective Obsessions Saga.

There are also some hints forthcoming about the book cover. A little bird told me it might depict a mansion in the fog, which thrills me to no end. I can't wait to see it!

I'm more excited about the release of Quixotic Crossings than I was by Passion Forsaken. Probably because some of the characters in Quixotic Crossings are deeply disturbed, which most authors agree is much more fun to write about. The paranormal also comes into play in the second book, along with murder and other psychological mayhem.

This is the current blurb for Quixotic Crossings:

Fate continues to entangle the Larkin and Sullivan families amidst madness, murder and obsessive love. Colm and Molly's grandson Jean-Claude Sullivan finds his life driven by greed and perversely tainted pleasures. Beloved family chef Claude Mondoux watches helplessly as Colm slowly loses his mind in ghostly visions of Molly, while Colleen Larkin seeks love in the arms of another man with deadly consequences...

I've already prepared three excerpts from Quixotic Crossings, which will be made available online once the book is released.

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