Penning Devotion

Posted Tue, 03/21/06

Last Saturday night turned into a writing "bender" for me. There is a particular scene in Quixotic Crossings (book #2, Collective Obsessions Saga) that I have been putting off for quite awhile, mainly because it dealt with complicated emotions and a scene-setting in Paris. For some reason, my evasion suddenly turned into a flow I couldn't shut off. I started writing around seven at night, and finished the scenes at three in the morning.

I was so happy the next day (or that morning), most content about what I had accomplished. Sometimes writing is a mysterious business. One day might be an endless trail of revisions, head bangers and corrections, and others bring the joy of new thoughts finally put to paper.

The times I question my devotion to writing are all made worth while by sessions similar to last Saturday.

Irish Eyes: Writing

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