Sunday Slog

Posted Sun, 03/16/08

I so didn't feel like working this morning. All I really wanted to do was stay in bed and read, but I forced myself to get up and start slogging. I'm determined to finish editing part five of Collective Obsessions (The Keeper's Journal) before Monday Tuesday afternoon rolls around, so that means I have to keep at it. At the moment I'm on page 318 357 of 489, so I'm just about three-quarters of the way through. The number of pages is bound to change as I add or take away.

This leaves the editing of part seven, The Twilight (which is much shorter in contrast to part five). I also have to finish writing the last bits of parts four (Enthrallment) and eight (Megan's Legacy), but part six (Hearts Desires) is still a skeleton so I will have to write it in between other edits and finishes. I'm hopeful I’ll have a complete first draft by the end of April, or early May, but only if I'm lucky and keep at it steadily.

Much of that probably doesn't make much sense to anyone reading this, yet it helps me to clarify the progress and lets me know there is light at the end of the tunnel after all.

POSTSCRIPT 03/18/08, 2:01 PM: I finished editing part five (The Keeper's Journal) of Collective Obsessions this afternoon, with the last fifty pages being the most difficult of all. Final count: 489 pages; 222,389 words. Now I'm lying in a heap on the floor, where I intend to stay and vegetate for the next little while.

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