Stopping the Flow

Posted Thu, 03/16/06

I've spent the last week researching, rewriting and otherwise writing-occupied so I'm afraid I haven’t been too much fun for anyone.

Domestic chores sometimes get in the way as well, even if they are small and seemingly unimportant. Wilbert was off work on Monday and Tuesday, and I begged him to let me work uninterrupted for at least one day. It may sound trite, but telephone calls, dogs barking and wanting attention, people at the door, bills and the maintenance thereof, cleaning and laundry et al take up time on any given day. Perhaps if I wasn't such an organizational freak…

I realize I'm home full time so these undesirable chores should naturally fall to me. However, the reason I'm home is so I can write full time. Some days I'll be on a good roll and something will happen to stop the flow. It's frustrating, bit I console myself that at least I'm able to have all of my time rather than forking it over to a "day job."

Still, it's nice to get the irritation out of my system once in awhile. All better now.

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