Shadows Upcoming

Posted Thu, 03/10/11

I was a huge fan of the television show Dark Shadows back in the day, and also managed to collect most of the pocket books in relation to the program.

Therefore, I'm looking forward to the movie version of the series, which will star Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. I keep abreast of the movie's progress by reading the Dark Shadows news page a few times a week.

The author of the Dark Shadows news page created a graphic poster for the movie, which he qualifies is not official advertising paraphernalia for the film. However, the poster is stunning. Actually, it's perfect. As any fan of the original series will confirm, the image easily conveys the basic aura of the series and spooky storyline. I just love it. To view the poster, click here.

The other day I was assembling extra documents to be included at the end of Megan's Legacy, such as the bibliography, character family tree, author's note and the cast of characters in summary.

In my "Author's Note," where I attempt to explain the more than twenty-year process in writing and finishing the Collective Obsessions Saga, I make note of the fictional location in the books:

Larkin City, Maine is entirely my own creation, although in my mind it exists between the real cities of Searsport and Stockton Springs. People assume I chose the locale because of Stephen King's predilection for the place, but the selection was actually a result of my childhood fascination with the TV serial "Dark Shadows," which was set in the fictional town of Collinwood, Maine.

It's true. The ambiance and premise of Dark Shadows has influenced me for many years, not to mention the pocket books, which I love and still re-read on occasion. Is it any wonder I'm anxious to view the movie, to see if it does justice to the original series?

The beautiful poster is a good start.

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