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Posted Sat, 03/08/08

I was so weary of the computer yesterday, I took the afternoon off. The previous evening I put a long stretch of hours into Collective Obsessions and thought I was seeing double just before lunchtime on Friday. Off with the computer.

It's been weeks since I've read for the mere pleasure of it, mainly because of the schedule I keep for myself. By the time I get into bed I'm exhausted and fall asleep within minutes. That being the case, my current reads have not changed in that amount of time. Yesterday I made the effort to sit and read rather than lie abed with a book because I knew the drowsy direction it would have taken. It was refreshing to immerse myself into another realm of fiction, if only for a few hours, and I've made a mental note to do it more often. Whether I'm successful remains to be seen.

Again today, just before noon, I had my fill of computer work and decided to take off. I still maintain the web site for a nursing organization in Spokane, and they sent me a load of updates Friday evening that needed to be taken care of tout suite. I started with that early this morning, but after several hours of staring at the computer screen I needed to get away.

No reading this time, just out of the house for a long drive with Rainee. That did the trick, now I feel refreshed and ready to go. I suppose I'll start the process all over again tonight and be in the same boat by noon tomorrow, but for the moment I am quite content.

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