Character Roundup

Posted Fri, 02/28/14

My offline spreadsheet for Glinhaven is now complete, which includes all fictional characters to be part of the storyline. Out of the eighteen, six are major while the remainder are incidental or only mentioned in passing.

I've been adding to the spreadsheet over the last few weeks as well, but finally decided the developed characters were sufficient for my plans. The nice thing about "plans" is they can be changed if necessary, although I don't envision any significant alterations to the storyline at the moment.

Most of my nights are spent handwriting, with days devoted to inputting my notes as part of the manuscript. Both Rainee and Kiki are fed-up with my inattention. Rainee often stares at me woefully, while Kiki makes the concerted effort to interrupt my flow. Her recent ploy is to rub her face on the cap-end of my pen with deliberate nonchalance as I write - which of makes it impossible for me to continue unless I shoo her away.

Glinhaven is only around 20,000 words at present, so there is still a long way to go.

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