Splittingly Cold

Posted Sat, 02/25/06

Over the last week I have managed to receive knuckle-splits on the second, third and pinkie fingers of my right hand, no doubt caused by the cold weather. In addition, I accidentally cut the tip of the third finger on my left hand, which hurts worse than the knuckle-splits.

I can be happily writing in my quadrille notebook, page after page, when all of a sudden I'll notice the blood trickling down my fingers from the weather-beaten knuckles. It's also ugly as hell.

I normally don't mind the cold, but this year I seem to be feeling every gust of the winter blast. My back aches when it's damp outside, or is otherwise stiff and unyielding. Working out with my weights helps to limber me up, but not for long. I suppose it all comes with age, but I can't see myself loving the sun or heat even if I live to be ninety.

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