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Posted Sat, 02/18/06

Last weekend I was working on the first chapter of Quixotic Crossings (second book in the Collective Obsessions Saga), but this weekend I switched to the end of the book. Originally a separate entity, the story I've dubbed Megan's Legacy (which will be book eight in the saga), deals with the end of the generations-old obsession between two families in Maine. It's fun to revisit "old" characters, and putting to rest some of the issues that were never addressed in previous chapters.

As usual, when I go back and re-read various bits I want to change scenes here and there. Typos remain my biggest grievance, even though they stem from my own impatience. If only I had a typist to decipher my longhand notes…maybe someday. My preferred and most comfortable method of writing is by long-hand and then typing. Since this is how I produce more content, I'm hesitant to change it.

I have no schedule next week aside from my wedding anniversary on Tuesday, but there are no appointments or needless errands. I hope to concentrate most of my time researching, scribbling and typing.

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