Weather in Words

Posted Sat, 02/04/06

Last night I turned off the television and did a bit of writing before I went to bed. It was raining, and I could hear drops of water splashing against the living room window. Rain has always been a soothing sound to me, especially while lying in bed. Rain and the feathery noise of wind rustling through pine trees are sure-fire sleeping aids for me.

Weather often figures prominently in fiction writing as well. It's not a focal point of a story unless one is writing a weather-specific book about twisters or other such natural disasters, but the climate can set the mood for various scenes. The description can be a few words or a few sentences, and if it is well-written can also seem like an afterthought. That's the way it should be.

I'm not a big fan of sunshine, but I include it where appropriate. I much prefer scenes where the skies are full of rain and thunder, bringing a sad or ominous overtone to the dialog.

In fiction mode, bright skies represent stress, heat beyond endurance and desperate behavior to me. On the other hand, cooling rain brings dichotomous thoughts of serenity, despair, mystery and resignation.

It goes without saying that other writers possess a different view, but that's the way of it for me.

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