January Knick-Knacks

Posted Thu, 01/31/08

It's the last day of the month and I'm left to wonder: "Where did the rest of it go?"

Time is rushing by so quickly, even though it seems as if the new year started just yesterday. I'm happy with most things in general, most especially my work because I'm making great strides of progress with Collective Obsessions, more so than ever before. All would be perfect if only Foofer were alive and well beside me. The grief over his loss is still ever present, although with the passage of time I have learned to control it better. However, I still cannot look at Foofer's movies without breaking down, nor have I been able to open the cedar box containing his ashes yet.

About my other "kids":

Rainee is the reigning queen, enjoying rides in the car and thriving on my singular attention. She is such a sweet girl and I'm glad she's letting me make up for lost time. She and Kiki have a tussle now and then, such as the other night when a noise startled them both and they went to fist-cuffs (as much as a dog and a cat can do). To see an eight-pound cat try to take on a fifty-four pound dog was quite a sight, although Kiki's demonic caterwauling was enough to scare the be-Jesus from the calmest of souls. Neither were injured in the fray, but in her panic Kiki nailed me on the thumb with one of her sharp claws. I think I have a scar brewing as a result.

Time for a coffee refill and back to the working keyboard…


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