Ready for the New

Posted Thu, 12/31/09

We've finally come to the end of a long year, and I'm more than ready for the new one.

I'm not much of a partier these days. I prefer staying home, quietly, playing a few computer games, reading, writing and hitting the hay just after midnight. Instead of screaming my lungs out at the stroke of twelve, I'll be listening/watching the ringing in of the New Year on MSNBC as each nation on the planet celebrates the event.

We are planning homemade egg rolls with hot mustard and ham fried rice for dinner, which sounds blissful indeed.

Most of all, I’ll be contemplating the future which I see as bright despite the many medical/dental pitfalls I've experienced this year. Intense negativity and denial from those around me has been mitigating factor for many months as well, although as soon as I'm physically I intend to get away from that and never look back. I refuse to let other people's nastiness and misery get me down, no matter who they are. Thankfully, one of my inner character traits is a strong belief in my abilities, or rather faith in myself and my goals combined with the necessary drive to get there.

I've also been thinking about Foofer quite a bit in the last month. The second anniversary of his death occurred on December 19th, which was a weepy day for me. While I can look at videos of him now, I still cannot look at his ashes in the little cedar box tucked away safely under my bed. However, I am deeply grateful for the unconditional love he reserved just for me in the almost-eleven years he walked the earth.

It's truly sad that most human beings cannot measure up to such selfless devotion. Perhaps that will change in the New Year, or one can always hope.

Speaking of Foofer, I've created a new page at Food Fare just for homemade canine (dog-food) recipes. They are healthy for the most part, and relatively easy to prepare. Check out Canine Grub >

This time next year, I hope to be saying "Happy New Year" from somewhere in Maine with a great big grin on my face, Rainee and Kiki by my side - separately of course.