Quiet Christmas

Posted Mon, 12/25/06

We had a white Christmas, but the rains started as well. At least it's a tad warmer, making the inside of the house not so unbearable.

We opened our gifts late last night. I gave Wilbert a hot dog toaster that seems to be all the rage lately, and he was very happy with it. No matter how I try to force-feed my husband healthy food, he still has a vast weakness for certain fare: eggs, tortillas, bologna and most definitely hot dogs. Nowadays, however, he does eat the franks made from chicken and pork rather than beef.

For years my favorite perfumes have been Poison and Vanderbilt. I haven't bought any for a long time, so I was surprised when Wilbert gave me a large bottle of Vanderbilt. Mum also sent me two pairs of warm booties, and a lighthouse sugar bowl and cream pitcher set.

The animals had a blast with their own gifts. Mum sent toys and goodies, and we also gave them a slew of stuffed toys. Rainee and Kiki kept stealing each other's playthings (Rainee received a mini-stuffed hedgehog complete with squeaker from Mum, and we gave Kiki a rather large mouse stuffed with catnip). This morning I watched as Kiki carried the hedgehog to the kitchen, while Rainee snatched the mouse from the end table in the living room. Foofer is a bit more sedate, but he loves chasing the green frog with squealer that Mum sent. He wore me out last night running back and forth playing fetch and retrieve.

All in all it was a very nice Christmas. What I like best at the moment is the quiet and serenity. There is virtually no traffic on the roads, and all I can really hear is the rain hitting the roof and the windows.

So far, it's been a very peaceful day indeed.

Tags: Foofer; Kiki; Rainee