Book Run

Posted Fri, 12/14/07

Foofer and I made another foray to the local paperback exchange. I couldn't find the last two titles from Diane Mott Davidson that I'm missing (Dark Torte and Sweet Revenge), but I did gather some new culinary whodunits by Claudia Bishop (A Touch of the Grape), Tamar Myers (Thou Shalt Not Grill), and T. Dawn Richard (Death for Dessert).

Speaking of the printed word, last week I ordered two novels by Ken Follet through my book club: The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. I have never read any works by Follet, sorry to say, but a recent article in a Denver newspaper highlighted the release of World Without End, which perked my interest. In the article, journalist Tom Walker described the medieval-themed book as "a world of monks, nuns and priors; knights and their squires; serfs and nobility." Naturally I was intrigued. The Pillars of the Earth is the prequel to World Without End, so I decided to read both of them.

I have a lot of titles to keep me busy over the holidays. I still have a five-book collection written by Bartholomew Gill to read, as well as some titles by Noel Hynd and some obscure mysteries by Leslie Meier and Mary Kruger (Died in the Wool).

In between sleeping and writing, I will try to get to them all as I have a feeling the New Year won't be giving me any extra down time.

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