Mish Mash Monday

Posted Mon, 12/08/08

I spent the weekend under the weather with some sort of flu bug. It was a complete drag. I spent most of Friday doing the year-end update for the nurse's organization web site, but the next morning I was down for the count. I hate being ill, it wastes so much time and serves no purpose. But what can one do?

Also last week I updated Food Fare with two new articles (Christmas Noel and Pine Nuts), and after my bout with flu also updated my web site and Rainee's Parade. The web work never seems to be done, but I should be free and clear the rest of the year (knock on wood) to simply write.

I did the majority of my Christmas shopping online this morning, so now all that's left is the delivery wait. Like most people, I'm not spending much this year. I used to go all out and send holiday greeting cards but no longer. Sending cards is not overly expensive, but I'm not willing to yield an extra penny if I can help it. As long as I can keep myself and the kids well stocked with necessities, then I'll be happy.

A week ago I went to the local K-Mart to stock up on dog and cat food – along with a toy each – and the cashier laughed at me. There was not one thing in my shopping cart for me, it was all for the kids. I spent nearly $100, but I was well satisfied because the girls are stocked with food for quite awhile. I even managed to throw in several pounds of frozen ground turkey so I can make Rainee homemade meals every so often. Before anyone asks, Kiki won't touch the homemade stuff so she's left to "suffer" with servings of moist Meow Mix (especially beef with gravy, she hates fish), and Cat Chow.

However, I highly recommend the Canine Turkey & Rice because I've made it very healthy and Rainee goes crazy over it. No more hemming and hawing over canned dog food at dinner when the homemade stuff is on offer. Sometimes Rainee stares at canned food as if she thinks I'm trying to poison her, but if I start calling Kiki's name aloud she will begin to eat. But when I hand over a bowl of Canine Turkey & Rice, she gobbles it without hesitation.

Notwithstanding my concerns to keep the kids well-stocked, I did manage to pick up two new "old" reads from my local paperback exchange: Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea, both by Lucy Maud Montgomery. My total bill came to a whopping $3.01.

Just so I have my priorities straight.