Wistful Goodbye

Posted Sat, 12/05/09

Drat! The final episode of Monk aired last night. I have enjoyed the show tremendously over the years, and I'm sorry to see it go.

Of course there are always the reruns, but I truly looked forward to the new seasons and episodes.

I resisted Monk at first. Wilbert was a fan from the start, but it took him awhile to convince me of the show's merits. Then, once I began watching the OCD-ridden detective (played by Tony Shalhoub) I was hooked.

Four of my favorite episodes were Mr. Monk & the Astronaut (Season 4); Mr. Monk & the Leper (Season 5); Mr. Monk, Private Eye (Season 5); and Mr. Monk & the Garbage Strike (Season 5).

The final episode last night was very good, but there was nothing too shocking or out of order about it. It was a nice way for the show to go out, although I wish it would stick around for just a few years more.