Virgo Fancy

Posted Thu, 12/02/10

::Today's Virgo horoscope:

Put your foot down today, Virgo. Don't let others push you around. It could be that you're used to letting people have their way in order to keep the peace. The problem with this is that your dreams and goals may get lost in the shuffle. Don't lose sight of your true destination. There's much more to life than you might see on the surface. Dig deeper.

I never let people get their way just to keep the peace. I'm not that accommodating, frankly. Three marriages and a handful of ambiguous "friends" have hardened me to the selfish pleas and manipulations of others, so today's horoscope certainly doesn't fit me.

And I never let anyone get in the way of my "dreams and goals" whether they're husbands, lovers, family, friends or complete strangers.