Babies in November

Posted Tue, 11/25/08

Kiki is out of heat, so now she and Rainee co-exist in separate rooms. Kiki gets out for two hours each day, having the run of the house, while Rainee snoozes in one of the bedrooms. After the two hour reprieve, Kiki heads back into my room where she has crashes in her own bed. It's an odd arrangement, but it works.

I tried keeping them together after Kiki went out of heat, but the peace and harmony didn't last very long. I found Rainee and Kiki on the stairs, staring at one another in confrontation. Rainee was stiff, her tail rigid, as she looked at the cat. Meanwhile, Kiki's ears were back and her fur was ridging just seconds before she began hissing and spitting.

Why is it that my children cannot get along unless the feline species of the two is in full blown heat? I suppose it's because Kiki is not in her right mind for the duration of the heat, and once she snaps out of it there is hell to pay.

New pictures of the children (click on the images to see their larger sizes in a new window):

Rainee relaxing in my bed (11/08/08). Click on image to see larger size in a new window.  Kiki stretching atop my writing storage boxes (11/08/08). Click on image to see larger size in a new window.

With turkey day just around the corner, perhaps my little darlings can turn their focus to the bird rather than their incessant battle for supremacy.


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