Reading Wishes

Posted Sat, 11/19/11

My current wish-list of book reads:

I'm dying to burrow someplace and just read for the sheer pleasure of it. By the time I go to bed, I'm typically asleep within minutes. I'm currently reading New York by Edward Rutherford, which is highly enjoyable, but it has been on my bed-stand for a few months. I try to read at night while prone, yet without fail I nod off before getting too far.

My days are swallowed up by web work, especially with the addition of two new clients. Yesterday was a particularly long haul, beginning at five-thirty in the morning and ending around midnight. I managed to write a bit in the evening, but was too tired to carry on for long.

I'm not complaining, mind you, because my efforts are contributing to the "Maine Coffer." This includes royalties received from my publisher and the various sales at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It's as if I'm possessed to reach my non-negotiable goals, driven to carve-out my own private niche. Therefore, the days never seem long enough. I don't desire fame or vast fortune; just enough to live quietly in a semi-small harbor town in Maine.

At the moment, my idea of a grand vacation is a seaside cottage stocked with books and endless pots of hot tea.

*POSTSCRIPT 12/10/11: Book Spree.

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