Tagged Not

Posted Tue, 11/18/08

I created a page at Tagged at the invitation of my aunt Jane O'Toole, who lives in Washington State. I thought it would be fun to keep in touch with her this way as I no longer reside nearby. However, only one day after I put up the page I have been sent messages and tweaks from men as if Tagged represented a dating service.

This led me to add a particular paragraph to my Tagged page under the DREAMS category (for lack of text space anywhere else), indicating my stance:

I've reached a point in my life where I do not tolerate mind games or dishonesty in anyone. Life's too short to waste time with disingenuous people, so once I see signs of "game playing" I cut off all contact. I am not looking for marriage or for someone who needs a "caretaker," emotional or otherwise. I also detest sexual innuendo from strangers, so please keep it to yourself. I am not a party animal, but I do like to have fun. I can be sarcastic on occasion, and I'm not thrilled about domineering men or men who think they have to be in control of me or the situation. I value my independence and do not like having to "answer" to anyone. On the other hand, I have a good sense of humor, tease people I like, and I love a good laugh.

I've also specified that my purpose for being on Tagged is for "friends and networking," not romantic entanglements.

Hopefully I've made my position clear. If people take time to read the brief profile beforehand perhaps it will stop unwanted and tiresome messages from desperate men.

*POSTSCRIPT: Deborah has since deleted her "Tagged" page after receiving repeated messages and/or tweaks from men that she felt were offensive.