Posted Thu, 11/12/09

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Some good news to report is that I am finally clear of the MRSA infection and have an appointment scheduled with the "hip doctor" the week after next. Maybe, hopefully, before the year is out I will be walking around like a normal human being rather than a 90-year-old crone.

I've also been a tad busy the last few weeks, mostly with web design work. One of my clients had a shift in personnel with accompanying changes and they now have a page at Facebook. I was also able to talk them into the creation of "mini-biography" pages for their Board of Directors, although the page is not complete yet as I wait for individual bios.

Then there were the seasonal updates for the foodstuff sites, including the obligatory pages on Thanksgiving and a yearly bit I love about Pine Nuts. Last year pine nuts went for $19.95 per pound, but this season I found them for $6.99 per pound at a nearby grocery store. I just love the little tidbits roasted…

I'll try to post more frequently as the year draws to a close.

Tags: Web Design/Computer Misc