Nightmare Ends

Posted Wed, 11/08/06

I was very pleased with election results last night and this morning. Perhaps now Congress can accomplish tangible objectives for the American people rather than courting special interest groups and ignoring the wishes of their constituents.

Even though he is Republican, I admire Senator John McCain from Arizona. When election results were swinging to the Democrats last night, McCain appeared on MSNBC-TV and said in so many words that Republicans should look inward and figure out why they lost the House; they should shift their focus from their own interests to the interests of their constituents, who put them into office in the first place. I appreciate his honesty in admitting the obvious, without reserve. I doubt other Republicans will do the same.

President Bush has continually pushed the issue of the war in Iraq, but according to MSNBC exit polls show that American voters are more concerned with "corruption and scandals" in the Republican demographic.

I always thought if I had a relative in the military in Iraq, I would be incensed with the casualty losses. I do not have a relative in the military at the moment, yet I am still incensed by the needless loss of life.

Bush may place foreign issues as his pivotal driving force, but I believe he lost touch with the American people when he placed such "projects" over working class poverty, Social Security, health insurance and medicinal availability/cost issues in his own backyard.

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