Plastic Slash

Posted Sat, 11/03/07

It's so nice to be able to pay off old credit card debt. It's especially gratifying to pay off a credit card company that has treated one like garbage for the last several years, tacking on exorbitant interest rates to keep one forever in their debt. The worst part is there isn't anything an individual person can do about it unless they are fortunate enough to be in the position to pay the bloody thing off.

That was my pleasurable activity this afternoon. For future reference, beware of the following credit card companies as they love to snare new prey, reeling them in with the promise of introductory low interest rates. However, once the "prey" has accumulated debt the "company" zings them with outrageous percentage rates to keep them forever in chains.

  • American Express

  • MBNA

  • Wachovia

But the worst of all:

  • Washington Mutual (formerly Providian)

To make matters worse, the customer service departments at these credit card companies are practically non-existent. If one does manage to reach a living and breathing person on the other side of the telephone line, nine times out of ten it's quickly obvious English is not their first language, and that they completed courtesy training at Attila the Hun Academy.

I feel so much better now that I'm no longer encumbered with all of the above.