Election Eager

Posted Sat, 11/01/08

I have my state-by-state worksheets ready, along with a map of the United States, to dig into the election results on Tuesday night. One of the best references available online is the State-By-State Election Guide by MSNBC's Chuck Todd. I've printed that off as well. (What can I say? I'm a true Virgo - I keep lists and can't function unless I'm organized down to the letter).

I'll probably flip between MSNBC and CNN on election night. I remember in 2004 I watched MSNBC exclusively until they showed Bush winning over John Kerry, so I switched channels to CNN. There was a barest glimmer of hope from Wolf Blitzer when there seemed to be a sudden surge for Kerry, but that quickly dissipated. What a horrible night that was.

I've voted in presidential elections three times in my life. It wasn't my lack of interest in politics that led to three votes in twenty-nine eligible years, but rather a lack of inspiration from the selection of candidates at various junctures in history. This year is entirely different, obviously, and I think I speak for a large portion of the population when I say it's imperative that people make their voices heard in 2008.

My first experience came in 1984, when I voted for Walter Mondale over incumbent Ronald Reagan. Twenty years later in 2004, I cast my ballot for John Kerry over George W. Bush, and this year I voted for Barack Obama. I'm hoping three times is the charm for this go-around.

However, the anticipation is almost unbearable. One of the reasons I dislike polls is in one breath we're told Obama is leading by a comfortable margin, and then along comes McCain's internal polls which indicate he is only a few points behind Obama (wishful thinking perhaps?). Polls are frustrating, not always accurate, and they have recently seen highs and lows that can often correspond with the moods and stress levels of those paying attention.

Two days and counting…

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