Voter Fraud Alerts

Posted Thu, 10/30/08

According to PC World, these are the web's twelve dirtiest tricks during election time:

Five Nastiest Methods to Persuade Voters Not to Vote:

  • Inbox Infestation (to steer citizens away from the polls).

  • Web Site Wiles (hackers who create an independent site whose URL suggests affiliation with a candidate or organization but whose content dishonestly promotes a hostile agenda).

  • Phony Phoning (cheap, easy and less traceable robo-calls that try to dissuade voters from casting ballots).

  • Texting Tricks (messages calculated to cause polling-day confusion).

  • Social Network Stunts (fake profiles and mass postings of erroneous information).

Seven Most Malicious Political Messages on the Web:

  • You Might Get Arrested for Showing Up at the Polls (undercover officers will be staking out polling sites to apprehend people against whom the government has outstanding arrest warrants, or even records of unpaid traffic tickets – UNTRUE).

  • You Can't Vote If You're Facing Home Foreclosure (the status of your home is not connected to your right to vote).

  • Out-of-State College Students Can't Vote Where They Go to School (absolutely false).

  • Wearing Political Buttons or Shirts Could Get You Turned Away on Election Day (serious misrepresentation of the actual situation - most states permit voters to wear whatever they want to the voting booth, as long as they aren't distributing campaign materials inside the polling place).

  • Your Polling Place or the Election Date Has Changed (keep-the-enemy-home-on-election-day strategy which is FALSE – call local offices to get the scoop).

  • You Can Vote Over the Phone (a myth created in an effort to prevent people from going to the polls).

  • If the Names on Your Driver's License and on Your Voter Registration Card Don't Match Exactly, You Can't Vote (FALSE).

To read the PC World article in its entirety, click here.

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