Last Stretch

Posted Thu, 10/30/08

Some people – especially Republicans – probably thought Barack Obama's thirty-minute ad last night was overkill, but I thought it was put together very well and quite moving in several places. I was impressed that Obama did not mention John McCain for the duration as well. Hopefully it reached the folks who have not yet decided which way to vote, and eliminated some of the ludicrous allegations about his character from the right.

Later, the rally headed by Obama and former President Bill Clinton in Kissimmee, Florida was electrifying. Clinton has not lost his touch, and Obama's speech – while similar to his latest round – was inspirational. Even though I have already voted for Obama, I still feel compelled to listen to the last stretch of both campaign events.

To be fair, I also watched John McCain's interview with Larry King Live last night. However, there wasn't much difference in the interview exchange than from McCain's campaign speeches. He still seems to think attacking Obama is the way to go, no matter how foolish and desperate it makes him appear.

Five more days to go…

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