Frosty Snuggles

Posted Mon, 10/23/06

Now that Foofer, Rainee and Kiki are mostly comfortable around each other, I'm starting to get some great pictures.

Last night all three of them were snuggled in bed – maybe not up against each other, but close enough. It's a good start. (Click on image to see larger size in a new window).

The babies abed (10/21/06). Click on image to see larger size in a new window.

They'll need to learn the art of "snuggle" before too long. It's cold here (this morning's temperature: 35˚F), but so far we have resisted the urge to turn on the furnace. Instead, we've been using a little space heater in the living room which seems to be doing the trick so far. Last year our gas bill topped more than $200 per month, so we are trying to avoid a repeat scenario this winter. It's frustrating because we have a relatively small house, and even though we keep the thermostat set at 64˚F our gas charges in winter are through the ceiling. In essence, we've been paying Avista Utilities for the privilege of freezing October through March every year since we moved to Washington in 2002.

I'm not too upset about the frosty season, though. I'd rather throw on extra stockings and wear sweaters than suffer through the heat of summer.

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