Mob Issue

Posted Wed, 10/22/08

This is one particular issue I have always been interested in:

In a nutshell, the Electoral College decides the outcomes of elections, not the voters. As I wrote in my article U.S. Political Parties:

Most Americans are unaware of the role of the Electoral College, instead assuming it is their collective votes that elect a President into office. In reality, when Americans cast their vote they are actually voting for officials who are assigned to each Presidential candidate.

When forming the United States Constitution, the founding fathers were uncertain how their President should be chosen. Initially, it was decided that Congress should select the President; this was later amended to choosing "electors," then back to Congress and finally, deciding on a system that is closely similar to the workings of the Electoral College today. Some original founders felt the people should directly elect the President, while others feared "the ignorance of the people."

The notion of "mob rule" as defined by the government is offensive, and surely a Republican misconception. I wonder how the public "mob" would vote if given the chance to keep or get rid of the Electoral College? Frankly, I think the Electoral College should be abolished and presidents voted into office by popular ballot.

I hope I live to see the day.

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