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Posted Sat, 10/20/07

Yesterday I took Foofer and Rainee for a ride. It was a typical, crisp autumn day with cloudy skies and orange leaves scuttling across the roads. It was perfect weather for a dog jaunt.

Foofer is never happier than when he is in the car. He loves to ride. He's an old pro as well – he knows the twists and turns of various roads, and as we make them he leans his body into the curves by instinct. He usually sits in the front seat with me, while Rainee regally holds court – her nose in the air - from the middle of the back seat.

I made another trip to the local paperback exchange yesterday afternoon, just for a few titles mind you, but I ended up hauling off another nine books for the whopping price of $6. I am slowly building my favorite collections back up to par, along with adding new titles to the mix.

I have been on a mystery splurge lately, having become acquainted with books from several "new" authors along the way. They might not be "new" authors to some, but they are fresh to me because I've never heard of them until recently:

  • Cleo Coyle: I am firmly hooked on the Coffeehouse Mystery Series now. The author is actually a husband-and-wife team who also write the Haunted Bookshop Mystery Series (as Alice Kimberly), which I am interested in reading as well.

  • Diane Mott Davidson (web site): Culinary mysteries, including The Cereal Murders, Catering to Nobody and The Last Suppers.

  • Leslie Meier: Books in the "Lucy Stone" series, of which I bought Mistletoe Murder and Trick or Treat Murder.

  • Bartholomew Gill (1943-2002, web info); also known as Mark McGarrity – author of the Peter McGarr series including The Death of an Irish Sinner; The Death of an Irish Sea Wolf; The Death of an Irish Lover; The Death and of an Irish Politician, and many others. The aforementioned titles are what I nabbed from the paperback exchange, and they are next on my list after the culinary mysteries.

  • I've always enjoyed Noel Hynd (web info) for his mixture of mystery and the paranormal. I have read Ghosts and A Room for the Dead, with Cemetery of Angels being my recent fix from the paperback exchange.

At the rate I'm collecting books, I will have plenty of winter bedtime reading. The perfect scenario is of Foofer being there all season long, snuggling next to me as I read.

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