No En Masse

Posted Fri, 10/17/08

Why do politicians assume an endorsement by another public figure or celebrity will bring people flocking to them en masse?

The news that former Secretary of State Colin Powell might endorse Barack Obama on Meet the Press this Sunday is the latest scuttlebutt. First, the former secretary is a Republican so the vocal blessing is unimpressive. Second, why is Powell waiting until a few weeks before the election to proclaim his endorsement? What was the hold-up? And who is to say he might not endorse John McCain instead?

I pay little mind when public figures and celebrities endorse politicians. It does not influence my own thought process one whit. I'm sure most Americans feel the same way. We're not a herd of mindless idiots who follow the lead of glam and flash, and in fact are highly suspicious of such antics. While I do support Obama, publicized endorsements of him – or McCain – do not impress me.

Last night there was a breather from all the tense campaigning when Obama and McCain attended the 63rd annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York City. They poked fun at each other and ended their routines with serious albeit brief tributes to one another.

I'm certain the political ugliness will resume today.

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