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Posted Thu, 10/16/08

John McCain should abandon the idea of trying to "identify" with the average American citizen. The man may have survived being a prisoner of war, but he has no idea what financial hardship truly entails.

During a speech in Downingtown, Pennsylvania today McCain introduced his 97-year-old mother, which is fine and dandy. There is nothing wrong with that, but the anecdote which followed the introduction clearly illustrated how out-of-touch McCain is with middle-class Americans.

Apparently, McCain's mother took a trip to Paris two years ago. When she tried to rent a car, she was told she was too old to do so under French regulations. Instead, she purchased a car outright so she could tool around Paris.

First of all, who in the hell can afford a trip to Paris much less the purchase of a car on a whim? John "I Have Seven Houses" McCain should have kept the story a private family rib-tickler rather than sharing it with the American public, most of whom cannot afford to stay in their homes or put food on the table. The hit and miss rhetoric that seems to be a McCain specialty again highlighted the vast differences between he and Obama – the former doesn't have a clue, while the latter knows what it's like to come from modest means.

Despite the fact that I'm giving my vote to Barack Obama, I still listen to the various stump speeches given at Obama, Biden and McCain rallies on a daily basis. However, I can't quite stomach the "spewage" coming from the increasingly irrelevant vice-presidential candidate Palin.

In my humble opinion, the only logical reason for Obama to lose the election now will be if double-talking racists come out of the closet when they enter the voting booth.

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