Charmed Three Times

Posted Wed, 10/15/08

It was another win for Barack Obama with tonight's final presidential debate. Obama was composed and clear as usual, while John McCain seemed highly uncomfortable and ill-at-ease.

As of 9:45 p.m. tonight, the MSNBC Poll as to who won the debate reads as follows (based on 198,153 responses):

  • John McCain: 34%

  • Barack Obama: 58%

  • Tie: 2.4%

  • Not sure: 5.3%

Frankly, I was embarrassed for McCain because his anger visibly boiled just below the surface. His facial expressions – rolling his eyes and the hateful, forward glares – were undignified for someone of his age and position. His attempts at "pitching his case" before the American people was again fraught with desperation and repeated inconsistencies. I truly feel sorry for him.

On the other hand, Obama explained his plans for America with specific detail. I find his plans and his tone very appealing and reassuring, where his common sense approach prevails. On more than one occasion he reiterated that he would rather talk about issues affecting Americans than peripheral garbage that seemed on the flip side to energize McCain.

Hillary Sent Me!

Admittedly I was prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton during the primaries and was disappointed when Obama received the nomination. Since then, however, he has more than proven himself fit to lead a nation in profound trouble with a steady hand and rational decision-making.

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