Influx of Dregs

Posted Thu, 10/11/07

My domain e-mail inbox has literally gone insane. I received more than 3,400 junk e-mails overnight, most of them from "MAILER-DAEMON," "Mail Delivery Subsystem," or "Postmaster."

I've put some inbox rules into effect that should correct the problem, but in the meantime I am deleting large blocks of e-mails every few hours. I'm not sure how this mess started, but rest assured I do not send out bulk e-mail or other messages that warrant an influx of such proportions.

Junk and spam are the absolute dregs of the earth, as are their perpetrators.

If someone "legitimate" is trying to send me a message, it will more than likely be deleted within the next few days because I don't have the time to look at each e-mail considering they number in the thousands. If someone needs to send me a real message, please leave a comment on a recent entry at this blog with contact information and I'll reply as soon as I'm able.