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Posted Thu, 10/09/08

My favorite lines from vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden on the stump yesterday:

  • You can't call yourself a maverick when all you've ever been is a sidekick (in reference to McCain's political similarity to George W. Bush; Biden also credited Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey with originating the line).

  • What a majority of American people are looking for is a steady hand, leadership, an optimist; not an angry man, lurching from one position to another.

Both excerpts are pointed at John McCain of course, in response to his recent deplorable campaigning tactics, which includes the obviously well-rehearsed dramatics offered up by his wife Cindy yesterday. With all the fine attributes of a B-movie actress, she said that Barack Obama's "vote to not fund my son when he was serving in Iraq sent a cold chill through my body." However, she forgot to mention that her husband also voted against legislation to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as Obama pointed out during the first presidential debate on September 26. Each man voted against legislation for similar but point-differing reasons: Obama because one bill did not contain a timeline for troop withdrawal, and McCain because another bill did contain a timeline for troop withdrawal in Iraq.

Biden's two remarks made me laugh, though. I'm not sure why, but they tickled my funny bone to the point I had to stop working for a few minutes. I think there is a hidden comedian inside the elegant future vice-president after all.

Dana Carvey talked about the political climate on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno yesterday. One of Carvey's best lines was when he said Cindy McCain was descended from "Arctic wolves." Another was when Carvey, imitating debate moderator Tom Brokaw, referred to McCain as a "sad, demented little clown."

Hysterical stuff.

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