Pity the Bitter

Posted Wed, 10/08/08

I didn't say much about the debate last night because I was too tired to stay up and write a blog entry. Yesterday was a long one at the computer work-wise, but I watched every minute of the debate and came to the conclusion that Obama was the clear winner yet again. There is one more debate next week before the election, and then all we have to do is anticipate the "big day" on the fourth of November. I predict that will be a very long night indeed.

Here are some poll numbers:

  • McCain: 35%

  • Obama: 52%

  • Tie: 4.0%

  • Not Sure: 8.8%

The percentages were based on 610,622 responses as of 7:30 this morning.

Actually, I was surprised to find myself feeling sorry for McCain last night. He still seems angry and bitter, grasping at straws in a last ditch effort to sway the American people to his side. He barely touched on the Medicare issue, never addressing the fact he will cut benefits in so many words. Pity for this man is a natural reaction at this point, but it is not a basis to give over a vote in an election as important as this one.

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