Monday Yummies

Posted Mon, 10/06/08

I'm sure people are tired of hearing about the politico goings-on in America. As we only have thirty days to go before the election at least the end is in sight. I'm frankly irritated by the personal attacks and lack of attention to the issues on the Republican side, and anxious for the next President to be chosen so we can be done with it. However, there are some stories floating about that I just can't ignore. Some are encouraging while others are simply incredulous and obviously last-ditch desperate.

Some yummy Monday headlines:

And another ploy by McCain to detract from his nonexistent policy on the economy:

I doubt Obama has anything to worry about. On the other hand, McCain accepted $84 million from the government to run his campaign (translation: taxpayer dollars). Obama refused the same amount, instead preferring to raise funds on his own.

The Obama campaign, which is not accepting public funds, has raised more than $468 million. About half has come from small donors, a point of pride for the Obama campaign.

Do you think McCain could raise the same amount on his own? It's highly unlikely.

As for the rumblings about Obama's "ties" to terrorists, it hardly merits mention because the charge is so ridiculous. Why not highlight McCain's role in the Keating Five scandal instead? One reader at the First Read blog ("I'll See You Ayers, Raise You Keating" and "Obama at 264") noted the following:

The McCain Campaign is freely acknowledging, folks, that they can't win on the issues so they're going to try and cut down Senator Obama any way possible. Will that help folks who have lost their jobs or their homes or their health insurance or their 401Ks or their savings?

Another reader said:

I am so proud of Barack Obama saving his Keating 5 nuclear option for his Barack-tober surprise. Considering the way the DOW just opened down over 200 points the economy is not going to be put on the backburner in favor of character assassinations that the Smear and Fear crowd want to distract us with. Looks like "Keating 5" McCain has taken a big beating on Chuck Todd's electoral map. Obama is up 264-174, [which] looks like a landslide victory for Obama to me.

What a great way to start the week…

And it's bound to get better after tomorrow night's presidential debate. The event, to be moderated by Tom Brokaw, will be in town-hall-meeting format. Maybe then McCain will understand that the average American citizen is more concerned about the economy than any other issue and wants answers about a real solution, not more rhetoric that states the obvious but little else.

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