Cat from Hell

Posted Tue, 10/05/10

I've had six cats over the course of my life so far: Poo (Siamese), Tudor (calico-manx), Mikki (manx-mix), Clea (tortoiseshell), Samantha (tabby), and my latest bundle of fur, Kiki. As far as I know, Kiki is a Siamese-Bengal mix.

None of my cats from childhood and beyond were as evil as Kiki is. It's normal for cats to get into mischief and scratch furniture, of course, and to gaze out windows and cackle at birds. However, I've never, ever known a cat like Kiki who discovers what irritates those near and dear to her, and then deliberately sets out to repeat the irritating behavior over and over again. It's as if she gets a sick-kick out of aggravating people around her, most especially me.

Kiki relaxing - yet ever watchful- on a dog pillow (December 2006).For instance, Kiki knows that I don't like her getting up on my desk. She'll stay away from it as long as I'm working, but once I'm settled into bed for the night she begins her circle of the room and invariably lands on the desk. I can scream and threaten, but she won't listen. Or, she'll look directly at me and still not listen. If I make a move to get out of bed, she'll suddenly jump down from the desk to the floor. Yet once I'm settled again, the routine will repeat itself until I'm so frazzled from getting in and out of bed and hoarse from screaming that I'm ready to choke the little bitch. This can go on for hours or mere minutes, depending on Kiki's mood.

And all the while she gazes at me with a beatific smile on her face, as if to say: "Look lady, just accept the fact that you're under my thumb."

Kiki has a cat tower covered in carpet where she can sharpen her claws. She'll use it on occasion, but she much prefers clawing the back of the living room chair, my duffle bag or a pair of shoes. As she sharpens her little white-boot mitts, she always looks at me or Mum as if to gauge our reactions. We get angry, of course, which seems to delight her further. She also likes to wander behind the television set in the living room, which aggravates Mum because of the cords and wires. So what does Kiki do? Naturally, she makes many trips behind the telly. I'm beginning to think she really likes being yelled at.

Unless she is in the midst of feline heat, Kiki hates Rainee with hell-bent fervor. This all began shortly after Foofer died in December 2007. As he was the only male in our animal world at the time, it was as if Rainee and Kiki were fighting for supremacy. Who was going to be in charge?

It still goes on today, but when Kiki is in heat she loves everybody. Rainee is virtually safe then.

Kiki in 2008. The blanket near her white-tipped foot is the one she prefers to use when giving a massage.Kiki does possess a few redeeming features. She can suddenly turn kittenish and loving (rare though these moments are), and she loves giving massages. She'll only give a massage on a particular blanket of mine, which must be covering my legs before she begins. She'll take a corner of the blanket in her mouth and then start to knead, usually over the lower legs, ankles and feet. She does a very good job. Her method is quite relaxing, putting my lights out on occasion. Again, length of the massage depends on Kiki's mood. It can last a few short minutes upwards to twenty.

Despite her foibles, I adore Kiki to bits. She and Rainee make up my little family, and I rely on both of them for unconditional love. At times, they have been my salvation.

Some things never change.


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