Sunday Gorge

Posted Sun, 10/05/08

According to an MSNBC news reports I was listening to this morning, John McCain and company will devote the rest of his campaign to slamming Barack Obama on personal issues rather than addressing issues that are of major concern to the American people. This will include attacks on Obama's character and reiterating the misnomer that he will raise taxes if elected.

First, if one makes under $250,000 per year there won't be any worries about a tax hike. Those who earn more than a quarter-million dollars will probably see an increase in their taxes, however, and rightly so. It's about time they paid their fair share instead of expecting the middle class to carry them.

Second, if McCain is so worried about the American people why would he spend the remainder of his campaign poking at Obama's character rather than addressing the economy? Because he is desperately avoiding the topic, well knowing he has no answers and no plans to fix the problem. A vote for McCain will be akin to electing Bush to a third term, and I cannot fathom why anyone would want to put him into office - unless one makes more than a quarter million, of course. And on that topic, why doesn't McCain seriously offer a concrete plan to rectify the 159,000 jobs that were lost in America just in September 2008 alone? The "trickle down" disaster hasn't worked for the last eight years, and apparently McCain doesn't have a better idea except more of the same.

To be honest, I mute the television every time I hear one of the candidates throwing personal mud. I'm sick and tired of listening to the dribble and wish more attention was paid to the issues. I do hear McCain speak at his little rally's when they are televised, but so far all I've heard is a litany of democratic slams and very little about fixing the problems afflicting us all. I cannot imagine he would be any better as president.

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