Six Packers

Posted Thu, 10/02/08

I was never impressed with McCain's choice of running mate. After the Republican Convention there was a surge in Sara Palin's popularity, but it has steadily waned as her inadequacies have come to light. It's disturbing enough to think of McCain as President, but the idea of Palin waiting in the wings if something happens to the 72-year-old Republican candidate is much more alarming.

Likening herself to what she calls "Joe Six-Pack" Americans is the most recent offense. The analogy reinforces my opinion that she – like most politicians – seems to think the general populace is comprised of beer-swigging, shirtless-tee-shirt-wearing dunderheads' who don't have the insight or intelligence to decipher and decide the issues and the candidates' positions thereof on merit. The woman is a menace. To some, she has singularly set back the viability women in public office. Thankfully I don't listen to those particular naysayers because I consider the actual source of the problem first. There are dimwits flailing about in both genders in all walks of life.

Then there are the McCain campaign's rumblings about the impartiality of the moderator for tonight's vice-presidential debate. Gwen Ifill is perhaps one of the most respected television journalists in America today, and her record is speaks for itself. Because she is writing a book about black politicians in America has no relation to her qualifications as an impartial moderator. Candidates participating in the debates are asked the same questions, for God's sake, and the events are broadcast live. There is no wriggle room for moderator shenanigans, frankly.

As is typical, McCain is covering the likely disastrous outcome of Palin on debate by raising questions about the event itself. The former "war hero" may have been honest and honorable at one point in his career, but those days are long gone.

That being said, I found this mornings news encouraging:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the trend continues as the election rapidly approaches.

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