Glazed & Dazed

Posted Wed, 10/01/08

A few times a week I try to watch Larry King Live on CNN, most especially during this election season. Lately he has presented a balanced panel that includes various "talking heads" that supposedly represent both the Democrat and Republican parties. Two of the commentators from either side include James Carville and Minnesota 6th District Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

I'm accustomed to James Carville. I've listened to him speak for years. He's usually right on the money, and speaks with a down-home accent that he manages to lace with humor even during the toughest times in America.

But Congresswoman Bachmann is another story altogether. I have no inkling about Minnesota politics or the issues relevant to residents there, but I cannot imagine they voted into Congress a woman who is an apparition in Stepford-wife form. The woman has a blank, brain-washed look about her and even when being bested by logical argument, a fixed smile pasted on her face that gives me the literal creeps. She repeats McCain rhetoric almost verbatim, with that hypnotized smile never leaving the glazed and dazed aura surrounding her.

I gather I'm not the only one who feels this way:

I don't intend to put every Republican into the same boat, but most of them seem to have a cult-type devotion even when faced with proven facts. The essence of truth is beyond some people, but I never thought it would be to the exclusion of their basic core beliefs or to the betterment of their fellow Americans.

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