Geezer on the Gallop

Posted Thu, 09/25/08

Another non-surprise:

The excuse he is offering is he wants to return to Washington in his role as senator to help Congress resolve the financial crisis. I see it as just another ploy for him to appear "presidential" and to mislead the American people that he is a man with leadership qualities. In my mind's eye I can picture McCain riding into the nation's capitol on a white horse to save the day. It's completely laughable. If he were truly concerned, he would have suspended his campaign last week to assist in the pending legislation.

The members of the House of Representatives and the Senate number in the hundreds, and they are quite capable of steering the proposed $700 billion legislation. They have constituents to answer to, after all. What makes McCain think he can charge in like a knight in shining armor to rescue our financially-strapped nation? I don't think so.

Congressman Rahm Emanuel said there was no need to postpone Friday's debate between McCain and Barack Obama. If McCain wants to step in and act as "dealmaker" that's fine, but to nix the debate in the process was a poor choice. The question begs an answer: Is he incapable of doing both?

Senator Sherrod Brown also stated on camera that McCain should continue on schedule with the first presidential debate on Friday, and that "Senator McCain has never been interested in economic bills before now."

Might McCain's overnight turnaround be due to the most recent poll reported by MSNBC?

According to the poll, people favor Obama at 52% while McCain has fallen to 43%, with 18% of voters undecided.

And the drama rides on.

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