Morning Epiphany

Posted Wed, 09/24/08

Wilbert called me yesterday morning to thank me for his copy of The Journey to Rainbow Bridge. However, the conversation began with his observation about the current state of affairs in America, and how he had missed much of it because of his work schedule.

Just a month ago Wilbert was telling me he would never vote for Barack Obama, that he felt the man had too little experience. At the time I tried to tell Wilbert voting for Obama is the only sensible recourse now, but of course he wouldn't listen to me. You would think after living with me for six years he'd know how involved I am with the political process, that I understand what is going on. I don't make rash judgments or decisions. I take in each issue and decipher where each candidate stands on the said issues.

I tend to favor Democratic candidates, true, but I would not vote for someone just for that reason alone. Their proposed policies have to make sense, and they have to bring the most benefit to the people voting them into office, especially considering the messy corner the current administration has backed us into.

At any rate, Wilbert was outraged yesterday morning. After watching a bit of news he finally realized the instability and disingenuous nature of John McCain, while the relief and common sense being offered by Obama came full circle. While Wilbert went on about his dissatisfaction with the government in charge at the moment, it dawned on me that if Wilbert can have an epiphany about the upcoming election at this late stage, then surely everyone else on the fence must be doing so as well.

It's occurring none too soon. Too bad we can't fast-forward time just a little bit so that the mammoth issues afflicting the American people could be on a faster track to recovery.

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