Moral Fiber Flaws

Posted Sun, 09/14/08

The real characters of some people can't stay hidden forever:

The honorable veteran who claims he only has the welfare of the American people in mind certainly spends a lot of time concocting lies about his opponent, or directing his underlings to do so for him.

If that wasn't enough, the first "primetime" interview with McCain's vice-presidential running mate Sarah Palin hasn't fared much better in public opinion since its broadcast. The woman was obviously coached and heavily rehearsed, and her knowledge about the issues remains unimpressive.

An anonymous viewer left the following comment at ABC-TV (who broadcast the interview):

I enjoyed the interview and was hoping that the Sarah Palin would be a straight shooter. Unfortunately, she and senator McCain have been running a campaign full of lies and have not addressed the critical issues that face the majority of Americans - the economy, health care and education. As an independent, I used to respect senator McCain but I stopped supporting him with the current attacks on senator Obama that are not true. He has not focused on the issues.

What else is there to say? Maybe this:

Those of you who visit my blog on a regular basis may cringe when you see political topics, but it's the election season (for lack of a better word), for God's sake. People who know me well understand my involvement in the process. They also know I don't blurt out hysterical rhetoric on a whim; I delve into issues before I make a decision, and that I care not a whit who I offend along the way. Remember freedom of speech, folks?

So what reaction can you expect from the likes of me? I consider myself a fairly decent, intelligent and honest person, and I cry foul when I see it. I predict a terrible outcome for average tax-paying citizens of America if McCain and his ambiguous cohort are "voted" into office less than two months hence.

Until next time … and I know ya'll are waiting with baited breath

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