Rave on the Road

Posted Sat, 09/06/08

I try not to continually rave on about the current political situation in the United States, but sometimes I just can't help myself. I have a few more incredulous words:

John McCain looks ill at ease when giving speeches on the campaign trail, like he would rather be somewhere else. He simply looks out of place, and there is a desperate air about him as if he knows this is his last chance to go after the highest office in the land. His still-unimpressive running mate Sarah Palin keeps speechifying – usually leftover rhetoric from the Republican Convention - but she has yet to say anything worth repeating. She keeps telling the same stories, over and over again. What's worse, most of them are untrue.

What still amazes me is that neither one of them has addressed the economy with any great detail, such as outlining their plan to repair – or even attempt to repair - this particular problem. When and if they sit down with the serious media, they must know they will be tackled about the economy and other issues. Or as Republicans are wont to do, perhaps they think they are above the fray and not required to get down to brass tracks with the common folk. Bullphooey!

The media's current love affair with Palin will certainly dim the first time she puts her nose in the air and skirts one of their serious head-on questions. Maybe then the rose-colored glasses will be removed and the non-substance will shine through to more Americans.

*Note: Bullphooey is a phrase I coined and is defined as an expression of exasperation combining elements of curse, usually applied to political dramas and otherwise.

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