Limping Along Again

Posted Fri, 09/03/10

More medical stuff about yours truly (is it ever going to end?):

During a follow-up x-ray on my hip replacement yesterday, the doctor noticed a "halo-like" shadow surrounding the cup, which is also known as the artificial ball-joint.

He explained that he began using a different piece of hardware for surgeries after April. He discovered that the cup has a tendency to come loose and cause continued pain in patients. I couldn't understand why I was experiencing persistent discomfort all these weeks and months, and why I wasn't recovering fully. I'm still using a cane for crying out loud, and basically can't get very far without it.

Next week I'm scheduled for a joint injection, to be followed by cup replacement shortly thereafter. Replacing the cup will mean undergoing surgery again, which will probably mean another hospital stay. I'm far from thrilled at the prospect, but I'm also tired of the constant pain and nearly non-existent progression in my recovery. I want to get it done so I can get on with the semblance of a normal life.

Sound familiar?

Besides, I'm not ready for the old folk's home just yet.