Toward the Mend

Posted Sat, 03/27/10

My surgery is finally set for April 1st. No worries there: I've always had the best of luck on Friday the 13th's, so having hip replacement on April Fool's Day is a good sign. However, after the previous numerous delays, I'll believe the event is taking place only when they are prepping me for surgery.

I assumed I'd be in the hospital for up to seven days, but at my doctor's visit last Thursday I was told I could be home as early as two or three days after the surgery. That's very good news, mainly because I know I'll miss my "kids" Rainee and Kiki like mad.

I'm so looking forward to walking around like a normal person, rather than limping and bent over like an old crone. I won't miss the constant pain, either. After recovery, my main goal will be to scoot out of my current living situation and nearer the eastern seaboard. Once my mind is free and clear from worrying about medical issues and the like, I can't see anything or anyone standing in my way.

Before I learned about my impending short hospital stay, I purchased two books to get me through the boredom of being a patient: The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir and Under the Dome by Stephen King.

I've already started reading Alison Weir's book, but that's par for the course. I cannot resist anything about the Tudor era, and as Ms. Weir is perhaps the best author on the subject, who can blame me?

Under the Dome is a different kettle of fish. The book is 1,074 pages long, but I'm actually looking forward to the lengthy read. Most of my favorite books are overlong because I like a detailed stories and not short bits of entertainment in the form of thin novels.

It's always my intention to read while in hospital, but sometimes the pain meds make that impossible.

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