Iconic Passing

Posted Wed, 08/26/09

How dreadfully sad, and a terrible loss for our country:

I truly wish he had lived to see healthcare reform pass into law, an issue he steadfastly championed for many years.

I was too young to remember JFK's death, and I barely remember the day Robert F. Kennedy died in 1968. I have vague memories at the age of seven of being in a beauty parlor with my mother when the news came onto the television that RFK had been shot in Los Angeles. Everyone in the parlor started crying, and I recalled feeling the sad atmosphere around me.

When John F. Kennedy Jr.'s airplane went missing in 1999, my most fervent hope was that he and his wife were somehow stranded on an island near Cape Cod and would be found alive and well in short order. Of course, that was not to be.

While America may not have a royal family fixture per say, the Kennedy's are the closest entities we have to a permanent "first family." Anyone bearing the name "Bush" in the political spectrum is not even in the same league, frankly.

Edward Kennedy had many personal foibles like any other human being, but no one on earth can question his lifelong loyalty and devotion of service to the United States of America.

May peace be with Teddy and his entire family on this day.

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